I worked with Abdulla on ambitious plans to build fundraising for Sightsavers in the Gulf Region. Sightsavers is the world's leading charity preventing sight loss and supporting people who are blind. Abdulla was successful at delivering new fundraising initiatives in a very challenging environment recruiting not only the support of the general public but of several companies and members of the government. He was able to build on these initiatives by maintaining and developing solid and professional relationships with funding partners.

John Fleming

Chief Executive at St. John of God Foundation

When it comes to designing initiatives that can be funded super quickly, Abdulla is the person to look for!

Dr Mohamad Alamuddin

Managing Director, Prevention of Blindness Union

Abdulla’s fundraising pitch was extraordinary, it was not like usual fundraising pitches done by ordinary fundraisers (that we are used to seeing daily). We were sold quickly and along the way of the delivery of the programmes, Abdulla maintained excellent communication that we wish to have with all partners.

Mr H. Musab Aydın

Chairman of Board, WEFA Germany